Unplug & Reset: Why I Gave Up Social Media and Why You Should Too


Social media.  I bantered over giving up social media for a while now.  This idea began circulating through my head because I felt like I was wasting way too much time, and I knew I could be using my time more productively…sound familiar?  First, I would try limiting myself to one hour a day and would only go on feeds before bed.  Other times I completely deleted the apps for days upon time, not having the urge to check.  Yet I somehow always broke this pledge and found myself re-downloading these apps and emerging myself in the world of technology.  F*ck, I would say to myself, back to square one.  This became an endless vicious cycle.

Okay, so why on earth would I want to give up social media in the first place?  Isn’t it human nature for everyone to get distracted and procrastinate every now and then? Yes…

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